Oh Shit.

Well, I quit my perfect job! 

I was helping children who were critically ill by providing them with a life changing wish and I decided to leave. Why? To continue the trend of doing things that is not like me, to travel! 
Since high school I’ve always had at least two jobs. Now that I’ve graduated from grad school, I think it’s time to enjoy life a bit. 

I’ve watched my best friend travel the world, learn about the different cultures, document the beauties of the world, while living and loving her life. I’ve been jealous of her spirit and decided to give it a try. 

Worst part of it all? She’s not traveling with me because she gave into the man and is working in New York. 

How am I feeling? For someone who is anxious about packing. I’m have made the right decision for myself. I’m providing myself with a chance to see the world, as an adult, and enjoy life without any stresses. (Don’t worry I am texting Lauren everyday about the packing situation.)

I’ve been making decisions that are not the norm for me. Interested in what other decisions I make next? Follow our journey as we both embark on new phases in our life!

- Stephanie