My friend Stephanie and I did some blogging back and forth over the summer- see her latest entry below!


The only American. 

Contiki is a popular tour group in Australia and New Zealand. It’s absolutely amazing! They have everything set up for so that you don’t have to plan a thing, you meet new people from around the world, you travel and see the most beautiful place and of course you drink. 
Best part of it all. I haven’t thought about what I’m coming back home to. I’ve been enjoying each day and taking it all in. 

I’ve decided that during this trip I will be trying things that I wouldn’t normally do and I would say yes to every opportunity because #noregrets (it’s a contiki saying). 

Although I’ve been carefree and stress free, which is totally different for me. I’m still momma stephie. Every night out taking care of drunk girls and saying sorry every other sentence. But it not letting it stop me from living my best life.

I was a little nervous doing this on my own but it turns out a lot of people are here alone and I have been meeting so many people, while trying to understand the Aussie and Kiwi accents. 

Hands down the best decision I’ve made and I’m so excited for the next destinations. 

As an end note, if you haven’t gotten drunk off wine. I highly suggest it! Trying to keep the American reputation strong and showing the foreigners how we drink! 🤙 - S