It was my first time taking part in a rally and what an experience it was. Thousands turned out in Manhattan to march against gun violence. I really struggle with the words to describe the experience, especially with the political climate the way it has been in this country as of late. I will just copy and paste what I wrote on a post on Instagram, as it is the only coherent thought I can produce at this moment:

I try to be diplomatic. I try to have debates with people who see things differently than I. We need to talk to each other or nothing will be accomplished. That said- this is one debate where I’m just not strong enough to see both sides. To me there is no other side. Today I saw children carrying signs they hand drew with statements no child, and especially not a child in one of the “greatest” countries in the world should ever have to write. I heard parents explaining things to their children no child should ever have to hear. So I’m sorry, I will debate health care, taxes, war, whatever. But I will never debate this.#neveragain