And just like that, 2017 is finished. 2017 was quite an interesting year for me. I started the year by waking up one morning (I'm pretty quick with my decisions) and deciding that I was going to accept a job offer to be an au pair (live in nanny) in Stockholm. I packed two suitcases and got on a plane bound for Stockholm, where I spent the next six months soaking up the Scandinavian sun (when it felt like showing up) and becoming apart of a new family. I traveled to the north and south of Sweden, to Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and France. I tried oysters for the first time in a French seaside town and snowmobiled up a snowy fjäll. I learned Swedish in a class alongside people from as far as Syria and the Philippines and shared $10 beers with friends for life. The midnight sun arrived in Sweden and just like that, it was time for tearful goodbyes and one-way plane tickets. 

The next six months of the year were devoted to family. Grandma's fought cancer, a wedding took place, and a family road trip through Iceland occurred. A freelance career started and a couple thousand photos were taken, dreams were created, and job applications were filled out. Just like that the year was over and it was time to look back at the last twelve months.

Despite what the anti-resolution makers may say, I love a new year to clean up and start anew. I get the same satisfaction from it that I used to get from closing twenty tabs on my computer after turning in a research paper. In a world that doesn't seem to ever slow down long enough to allow us to evaluate life, a new year gives us a rare opportunity to reflect... even if we are doomed to fail at our resolutions. 


1. Continue growing my freelance business. Try to have double the clients I had this year.

2. Book at least one "passion project" that allows you to travel overseas + shoot something new.

3. Move to a new city.

4. Find a full-time job in film or photography.

5. Continue a diet/exercise plan that keeps me happy with my body.

6. Explore at least one new country.

Cheers to a new year!!

xoxo, L