I fought my first post grad slump by moving to Sweden for six months. For my second, faced with a more empty bank account, I had to get a bit more creative. When I thought about what was really stressing me out it was the fact that I had all of these thoughts running around my head without any organization... career goals, charity work I wanted to do, adventures I want to train for, family, friends... and I couldn't simplify any of them. 

Early this week I made a trip to New York City for a couple days of visiting with friends and plotting my move to the city. While walking on the High Line one day, feeling pretty inspired about my relocation, I decided it was time to finally simplify those many goals in a way that could help me at this transitional time in my personal and professional life. Could I put them into categories? I honestly don't know if I made up the idea or I subconsciously saw it somewhere but I decided to choose symbols for important things in my life and see if it could help me to plot my goals better. Here they are!

☼ Sun:

The sun is my career symbol. As a filmmaker and photographer, it's all about chasing the light. But I can never forget that one of the best places to watch the sun rise and set from is an airplane. I must always remember that traveling is not a break from my career but an integral part of it.

☾ Moon:

The moon is my charity symbol. It's all about knowing my privilege and making sure that I always make time to give back. I have a lot of ideas about how I can teach my skills to others to empower and inspire people to create their own art. I am far from having a solid idea of how exactly to work on these plans but hopefully I can develop it in the near future. 

△ Mountain:

The mountain is my adventure symbol. I grew up hiking and skiing on vacations with my family. But since becoming an adult I haven't done a very good job of incorporating adventure into my life. This symbol is to inspire me to get in shape and start planning which mountains I want to summit.

↟ Tree:

The tree is my family symbol. Trees are essential for creating oxygen and are an essential asset to our planet. Family is the glue that holds everything together. While I work to build my life I cannot forget that I would be nowhere near where I am today without my family. I must constantly work to spend time and support them. 

So there you have it. May this bring me direction and inspiration moving forward!!!!!