Well, it would appear as though spring has arrived in Sweden. Although it still occasionally snows/rains at the same time, somehow it seems an improvement to proper winter. And so Stockholm wakes up from its winter slumber and the outdoor cafe seating recommences. 

It is now time to look ahead to the coming months. I have two friends visiting Stockholm and will be going to Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam in the next two months. Summer plans are swirling through my mind... it's actually crazy how you can travel to a completely different country for the price of a flight within your own state in the US. One of the many reasons Europe continues to hold me hostage. 

But as the seasons change, I am cliché reminded of the passing of time and how my experience as an au pair is beyond the halfway point now. I am beginning to start that job hunt once again, searching for the next adventure, there is still so much to do! Whether the rest of 2017 holds another great abroad adventure or time at home to refill the bank and spend time with family, I hope to continue to capture it and post it here on my new blog, again. - L