Jessie + Nate

While I have been doing a lot of photography lately, I got to go back to videography roots a few weeks ago. Spent the day running around Brooklyn and capturing this awesome couples day. It was a great challenge to return to video while shooting a wedding. I spent my day asking myself, “what can I be capturing in video that the photographer is not already capturing?” It made me rethink what a videographer’s job really is. To me, I wanted to make sure that I captured the sounds of the day as much as the visuals. The photographer was already getting the visuals, I had to go a step beyond. That is why I made this film a bit doc-style. To include the sound bites of the day, the laughs, and music. I am happy with the results and hope the film is a lasting memory for the couple.

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Halloween at Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY

This weekend I was feeling the need to get festive, and so off I went to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn (if you haven’t been and are in NY I would HIGHLY recommend. Such a cute park and reminds me of Europe) to experience their Halloween festival. I saw some amazing costumes (on humans and dogs) and got to soak in some time amongst families, which is hard to do as a busy young person in NY. Overall, I had a lovely day and am absolutely OBSESSED with my new camera. If anyone has any questions about switching from Canon to Fuji, send them my way!

Oct 5 2018 - Megan + Reed

It’s exciting to be apart of someone’s wedding day. It’s even more exciting when that person is someone you have known since you were an infant. It is an awesome feeling to know that you have given back to someone special in your life in such a personal and lasting way. I hope I was able to capture some lifelong memories for this amazing couple!

LK x Full Moon Fest

Here in NY I work for a creative agency called MATTE Projects. In addition to the films team that I work for, the company also has an experiential and music division that put on awesome events and music festivals. The summer festival, Full Moon, happened last weekend. I decided to bring my camera along for the festivities, since secretly my dream is to tour with a famous musician as a tour photographer. This wasn't exactly that... but hey, I was photographing at a music event. So that is sort of the same thing, right?

LK x Dillie Dallies

I had the pleasure of shooting a lifestyle shoot for a new underwear brand launching in NYC. Dillie Dallies is "underwear for you, not for them" and they hope to disrupt the industry that typically caters to the people looking at your underwear, rather than focusing on comfort and value. In keeping with the ideals of the brand, I aimed to shoot a lifestyle shoot that was casual and relaxed, and not overly posed. I didn't do any retouching on the models and aimed to keep the photos classy while still having a bit of fun. I hope you like the results! x

If you're a startup or small company and would like to collaborate on a shoot, I would love to chat!

x Lauren

Today, last year.

Tonight I sit in my apartment in Brooklyn after a long day of work. This time last year I was in a small cabin on the beach in Sweden. It was midsummer (midsommar), the annual celebration of the longest day of the year. The sun set around 11pm and it was still cool enough to require a light jacket at night. I was just a few weeks away from moving home where I would be without a job (or plan). And yet, I was calm. I gathered wild flowers with my host children in the morning and watched with childlike joy as my host mother turned the flowers into crowns, trying to understand the steps so that I could recreate it again someday. Life was simple. There is a concept in Denmark called hygge which is all about slow living, coziness, and togetherness. While it is a Danish thing, not Swedish, whenever I think back on my time in Sweden hygge always comes to mind. Maybe it's all the baked goods I consumed on a daily basis, or the fact that when you're from a giant country like the USA everything in Sweden seems quaint, or perhaps it was because I got paid to hang out with cute kids... whatever reason, memories of Sweden always scream hygge to me.

I will be commuting to work on the train tomorrow, hoping for a seat and accepting being just a little bit too close to the person next to me. Somewhere in the world, people will make flower crowns in their summer cabins. Next year I could be here, or there, or anywhere. The world is such a big place! x

6.20.18- Brooklyn, USA

While I would happily spend this entire blog post talking about travel and all of the reasons I love it and how happy I am that you had a positive experience on your journey, I must remember the initial purpose of this blog pen pal project- to talk about how we both have grown and changed from our life-changing journey's.

For those late to the game- Stephanie quit her job and went traveling all summer. I (temporarily) quit traveling and got a job. We've just heard what Stephanie has learned by galavanting around Europe, so now it is my turn to talk about what I have learned by working the 9-to-5 (the 10-to-7 in my case). To start out, I should say that I am well aware that I am a drama queen for talking about moving to New York City to work in the film industry as "mundane" and "settling." I try to remember that when I talk about this time in my life in a few years in a hostel in Sri Lanka, all of the Aussie's and Kiwis around me will be impressed and say things like, "Omg how cool you lived in NY!" and "I wish I could move there. That must have been amazing!" I will explain to them that, yes it was but for x and x reason, I am now here in a hostel in Sri Lanka drinking a cocktail and am relived to no longer commute from a subway station that smells like urine. They will nod and then say something like, "That sounds like something a cool, hip New Yorker would say." Because I do understand it. A cornerstone of living in New York is complaining about living in NY. In fact, I am quite convinced that everyone who lives here has at one time been miserable in NY. Eventually, some of the miserable people leave while the others discover the smallest bit of happiness (or become millionaires) and think, well I am not as miserable as I was before. I guess I've made it. 

Armed with a new daydream of future me at a beach hostel in Sri Lanka, I have set out to make the best of my time in NY, however long that might be. My grandma says everyone needs to live in NY for one year max (she ended up staying for two because she ran out of time to go to the opera the first year). There is no shame in realizing that I might be apart of the group of people that "don't survive" here. I can still have a truly amazing and life-changing time here, filled with stories that I'll one day tell to different people on another patch of the planet, even if I don't end up dying in a penthouse on the Upper West Side. So, what have I learned so far? Let's make a list. 

  • Everything takes time: finding a job, adjusting to that job, waiting in line for a bagel.
  • Having limited time in a day helps you discover your priorities quickly. In my case, I seem to have put watching TV high on my list and going to the gym low. I am working to change this. It's good to know your faults and how to adjust.
  • Doing something you don't overly care for helps you realize what you do care for. I always knew I loved traveling and spending time in nature, but in not doing much of either of those things for four months I've started to rethink how to prioritize my passions in life, both in the short term and long term.
  • Making use of every second of day. I am going to be honest, I thought talking about how "fast paced" NY was just something moms say when they don't want you to move to NY. I didn't realize it actually meant NY is FAST.PACED. When you barely have a second to breath between commuting, work, after work work, and working out (IM TRYING), you learn to utilize your time better. I, for example, have gotten over my fear of getting carsick on the subway and have started reading on the train and I've already read three books during my commute. It's my favorite part of the day (they've all been non-fiction books about women going on travel adventures, because I'm a cliché).
  • It's okay to be unhappy and then happy then depressed and ready to quit your job- all in one day. 
  • Sometimes you've gotta be a weekend warrior- attempting to stock up on happiness before a long week of unhappiness. It is okay to not be happy all the time but you do have to be happy sometime. And the truth is, when you are a bit unhappy, it makes the happy moments that much sweeter.

And for all those people who say "NY IS THE GREATEST CITY ON THE PLANET," well- that is just textbook Stockholm Syndrome. There are no facts to back up this claim. And you probably don't travel much. 



6.20.18- Graz, Austria

My friend Stephanie and I did some blogging back and forth over the summer- see her latest entry below!



I’m going to start off by saying that I traveled for 37 days and will not be giving details of it. Honestly it’s a special memory that I want to keep between myself and the 46 other people I was traveling with. There were ups and downs and moments that will stay in those countries. But what I will write about is how appreciative I am for this decision. 


Before booking my trip I was hoping to meet up with friends and do exploring on our own which meant that I had a different Contiki trip planned. Although I am upset that I couldn’t travel with my friends it meant that I would select a different trip which is longer and goes through more counties, and meet the most amazing people in the world. Before this trip I enjoyed my alone time, now I am changing my plans to be back with my new crazy friends. I can’t stop talking to them and I can’t stop reminiscing on the last 37 days that changed my life. 


Not only did it change my life but it changed who I am. I am still “mum” (yes that has changed because I’ve been with too many Australian and Kiwis lately), I still care more than I should but now I am putting myself first and making irrational decisions that allow me to enjoy life to the fullest. I have learned to love, which is why I am heartbroken. I fell in love with 46 people (give or take) and I had to say goodbye to them. Our last night was for sure rowdy, so much so that I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye and stayed on the bus and missed my flight to see my family. Instead I went out to dinner and said goodbye, went to McDonalds for breakfast (because we are a lost bunch without our tour manager) and said goodbye, had a sleepover and said goodbye and I’m still not done. I have made plans to say goodbye one last time! 


This group was so close and caring. There was never a person left behind at the club, and there was never a person who felt alone. I will tell one story. It’s about me and explains how wonderful this group is. One night in Florence I didn’t eat and drank too much so much so that I don’t remember most of the night and was told what I did the next morning. I ran out the emergency exit and instead of being left out in a strange city, drunk and alone. Some of the guys argued with the bouncer to chase after me and make sure I was okay. A kind soul of a girl from the group saw me and ran to help me. She and a few other walked me to cab but since I couldn’t keep it down, the taxi driver refused service. So two of the group members walked me around the block to find another cab driver and distracted him the whole way home. Nope, it doesn’t end there. I was given a motivational speech to put myself first because well I’m not going to mention why. But I had my roommates and a sweet gentleman taking care of me and making sure I was okay before passing out. Apparently it was a funny night for them. Too bad that will never happen again. I do not like not having control over my actions. But the moral of the story is that I am beyond grateful for my group and this is just one example. 


It is now my mission to go to Australia and New Zealand to see these lovely humans again. As for the Canadians, were best friends and were going to travel down under together! Side note. I may be coming home with a few new phrases because I hung out with a group who have different word for everything. Such as an ice’s a f*ck popsicle! 


As my last words I will quote two songs that got us through this trip. But before that. I 100% suggest looking into Contiki. As I mentioned before I quit my perfect job for this trip and I would do it over in a heartbeat!! It memories that will last a lifetime, it’s friendships from all over the world, it’s knowledge on history, and it’s discovering yourself! 


From now on
There's no looking back
Full steam ahead
On this one way track
From this day forward
I will make promise
To be true to myself
And always be honest
For the rest of my life
I will do what's right
I will do what's right
When I step out on the
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives tonight
Top of the world and we're dressed to the nines tonight
Edge of the earth and we're touching the sky tonight
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives
Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata!
Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
Yeah, sing it, kid!
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!

SP “Steeeef”

5.16.18- New York, New York, USA

Wait, hold on, before we dive deeper, have you never been wine drunk before?! It's literally the best kind of drunk and I am glad you are finally experiencing it for yourself. 

Sounds like you are doing absolutely amazing. It seems like you are playing the balancing game perfectly- letting loose and doing things you don't normally do, but also still being yourself (although I am not sure you are the most responsible mom friend, you're pretty damn fun). 

I particularly have a lot of feelings about how you said you were living in the moment and not even thinking about what you are going to do when you get home. I feel like I spend a majority of my time thinking ahead at what is next and what is after that and that it is probably affecting my overall happiness. Especially now when I am in NY I feel like I am constantly lost in thought thinking about what I am going to do when this experience is over (and honestly how sad is that mindset). Similar to you, the only time in my entire adult life I ever stopped thinking about the future for five minutes was when I was traveling (in London). In fact, during that point in my life, the mere thought of a time after London sent me into an emotional tail spin. Universe, I would think, this is the happiest I have ever been, there can be no more happiness. Let me stay in this moment forever.

Perhaps that is why travel is so important to me. It is where I felt that feeling for the first time and where I have felt it a handful of times after that. It is a feeling that I have unfortunately yet to feel at "home" and instead,  it creates "homes" all over the planet. It is the greatest blessing and curse. So keep doing what you are doing, having the absolute best time making homes around the world. Don't worry about forgetting to text me or writing blog posts (though I love them!!!) and instead focus on this incredible moment of happiness you have found yourself in.

So drink all the wine you want, sleep in a hostel bathroom (it happens), love every minute of it. If you have to think about the future, think about a time when we move abroad together for a year. Please think of this. I will literally continue talking about this until you write me a ten page paper on all the reasons this sounds like a bad idea (and I know you hate writing). Only then will I stop. Think Summer 2019! 

Thank you for keeping your location on so I can use Find my Friends. You are giving this slave to the man life. BTW, the below quote is my all time favorite quote.

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” - Miriam Adeney

xx L

5.15.18- Lyon, France

My friend Stephanie and I did some blogging back and forth over the summer- see her latest entry below!


The only American. 

Contiki is a popular tour group in Australia and New Zealand. It’s absolutely amazing! They have everything set up for so that you don’t have to plan a thing, you meet new people from around the world, you travel and see the most beautiful place and of course you drink. 
Best part of it all. I haven’t thought about what I’m coming back home to. I’ve been enjoying each day and taking it all in. 

I’ve decided that during this trip I will be trying things that I wouldn’t normally do and I would say yes to every opportunity because #noregrets (it’s a contiki saying). 

Although I’ve been carefree and stress free, which is totally different for me. I’m still momma stephie. Every night out taking care of drunk girls and saying sorry every other sentence. But it not letting it stop me from living my best life.

I was a little nervous doing this on my own but it turns out a lot of people are here alone and I have been meeting so many people, while trying to understand the Aussie and Kiwi accents. 

Hands down the best decision I’ve made and I’m so excited for the next destinations. 

As an end note, if you haven’t gotten drunk off wine. I highly suggest it! Trying to keep the American reputation strong and showing the foreigners how we drink! 🤙 - S

5.9.18- Brooklyn, NY, USA

"Nowhere was the airport's charm more concentrated than on the screens placed at intervals across the terminal which announced, in deliberately workmanlike fonts, the itineraries of aircraft about to take to the skies. These screens implied a feeling of infinite and immediate possibility: they suggested the ease in which we might impulsively approach a ticket desk and, within a few hours, embark for a country where the call to prayer rang out over shuttered whitewashed houses, where we understood nothing of the language and where no one knew our identities. The lack of detail about the destinations served only to stir unfocused images of nostalgia and longing: Tel Aviv, Tripoli, St Petersburg, Miami, Muscat via Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Grand Cayman via Nassau... all of these promises of alternative lives, to which we might appeal at moments of claustrophobia and stagnation." - Alain de Botton, A Week at the Airport


I don't remember what day we settled on for me to write to you next but the thoughts are coming now so here I am. Currently, I am in my bed in Brooklyn. You are on a plane over the ocean. Tomorrow, you will begin one of the greatest adventures of your young life, I will go to work on the subway (which can sometimes be an adventure). I will eat my lunch and check my email while you will wake up in a land of accents where everything feels different, and yet you'll notice many people taking the tube to work like it's any old day. 

I have a hard time vocalizing what it is about travel that fascinates me so much. Because for me, the mere act of physically getting on a plane and flying somewhere new is part of the reason I love to travel. The above quote gets pretty close to nailing my inner thoughts. It is from a book by a person who spent a week in London Heathrow drawing meaning from seemingly meaningless world of air travel. If I had to pull just a few words from the quote I would choose "promises of alternative lives." To me, it's impossible to comprehend how many different lives are going on at the same time, all the places you could be, all the languages you could be speaking. I can be in NY, you in London. Someone is in rural Malawi is farming and someone in Nepal is about to summit the highest peak in the world. Your plane will touch down in London and the refugee in the row in front of you will take a sigh of relief as they finally safe, the exhausted Japanese businessman will wonder how long until he can go to sleep. Travel, to me, is like getting to jump into a movie screen or a time machine and gaining the superpower to trade bodies with other people. 

Travel gives you the opportunity to live more than one life in your lifetime. 

And so I will wait patiently to hear about your first few days from another part of the planet. What has been your favorite part? Any surprises? Enlightening moments? Can't wait to hear everything! XOXO - L

5.6.18- LK x j.jackman

Today I did a street style fashion shoot for a Berlin-based fashion startup called j.jackman. The brand is dedicated to creating sustainable, fairly produced clothing. All of the clothing are sewn in Germany using European-sourced materials. Check them out at

And if you are a NY based (or visiting) company/startup/non-profit looking for content, send me a message at I would love to collaborate!

5.5.18- New York City

Spring has sprung in NYC and these two Brooklyn girls had to be reminded that they live in New York, because commuting to the city everyday for work doesn't quite capture the magic and wonder of the city. 

So today called for açaí bowls, a trip to Central Park, and shopping on fifth avenue (at the affordable stores). The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it was nice to capture some portraits. It's great to have a roommate who aspires to be a model/influencer!! 

Tech details:

CAMERA: Canon 6D, 24-105 L lens (not my favorite lens actually but my 50mm is currently broken. I am dying to trade in my 24-105 and get a 35mm L but I am surprised by how great this lens worked today)

EDIT: Lightroom, Tribe Photo Co. Wolfpack Preset 01 with some tweaks- just purchased these presets and so far have been nothing but impressed. Amazing for portraits and landscapes. 10/10 would recommend. 

Feel free to ask me any other questions and if you are a photographer, model, or brand in NYC looking to collaborate, please don't hesitate to reach out! 


6 May 2018, Orlando, FL, USA

Oh Shit.

Well, I quit my perfect job! 

I was helping children who were critically ill by providing them with a life changing wish and I decided to leave. Why? To continue the trend of doing things that is not like me, to travel! 
Since high school I’ve always had at least two jobs. Now that I’ve graduated from grad school, I think it’s time to enjoy life a bit. 

I’ve watched my best friend travel the world, learn about the different cultures, document the beauties of the world, while living and loving her life. I’ve been jealous of her spirit and decided to give it a try. 

Worst part of it all? She’s not traveling with me because she gave into the man and is working in New York. 

How am I feeling? For someone who is anxious about packing. I’m have made the right decision for myself. I’m providing myself with a chance to see the world, as an adult, and enjoy life without any stresses. (Don’t worry I am texting Lauren everyday about the packing situation.)

I’ve been making decisions that are not the norm for me. Interested in what other decisions I make next? Follow our journey as we both embark on new phases in our life!

- Stephanie

4 May 2018, Brooklyn, NY, USA

I, the Queen of Fleeing the Country, recently moved into my first apartment and got a full time job and am giving the elusive ~stability~ thing a try. It's my greatest challenge yet.

To make matters worse, my best friend and the Queen of Stability, (In my mind, that is. In reality she is probably completely average but I have a fear of stability so to me she is extraordinary) Stephanie just quit her job to travel for the summer. 

So essentially, yes, we have traded places. We are a quirky teen drama about two friends who get struck by lightning and then get to wear each others clothes and kiss each other's boyfriends for a week. Ironically, similar to our teenage years, currently neither me or Stephanie have a boyfriend for the other to kiss so we have decided to start this blog series instead. Its purpose: to help us stay in touch during the summer and as a way to exchange insider information whilst we are busy living each others lives. 



Dear Stephanie,

I am having a hard time believing it is actually time for you to go on your trip. I am having an even harder time believing I am not there to help you pack and to have anxious pre-flight brunch with you. But you are ready for this, you have been seeing me off for years and now it is finally your turn!

Now I don't really know what my authority is on this matter, lots of people have traveled, yourself included, but I like to think my speciality is in being overly poetic and attaching a bunch of meaning to travel that may or may not actually be there. So, while you have traveled before, I have attached the extra meaning that ~this time is different~ and that you are about to embark on a great adventure. Let me start by saying, it is okay if you feel like you are going to throw up. It's only important to understand that what you are feeling is anxiety, not a flu that you happened to catch exactly one day before leaving. You might feel lightheaded at the airport, that is also normal. All part of the fun! When I went to London- my first long-term trip abroad- I too thought I was dying. Here are a few tips: 1) Pick the stupidest movie to watch on the plane and don't even think about buying the wifi. Nothing ruins a good flight like being connected with people. 2) Know that your anxiety is normal and be proud of yourself that you got on the plane. There's no turning back now. 3) If you are still anxious, just get ready for sunrise at 30,000 feet. It was my grandpa's favorite time to fly and the reason my mom's name is Dawn. Every time I am on a plane at sunrise it puts me at peace. You are one person and you might feel alone in this moment but know that the universe is big and powerful and you are apart of that story. 


See?! I told you I am an expert in romanticizing travel. I literally just described a boring nine hour flight as something far greater. You're probably not even anxious, I am definitely projecting anxiety. Moving on. TIME FOR THE FUN! GET A PINT OF CIDER! YOU'RE IN LONDON! I am so glad your adventure is also starting in London. It's a damn good place to begin. Soak it all in. If you want to spend an hour sitting on a bench, do it. Don't feel rushed or tied down by your to-see list (except getting a bagel on Brick Lane, that is a requirement), do whatever inspires you, even if that is staying in the hotel for an extra hour sleeping off the jetlag. And definitely do not order dinner to go. When I went to Melbourne in Australia I had a few days alone before I met up with a friend. My first night I went to dinner and the bartender asked me if I was eating there or taking away. I said to go before imagining myself eating in my hostel bunkbed then changed my mind and said I'd eat there. My waiter was good looking and there was a candle on the table and I had a great time. I didn't go home with the waiter and launch into a love affair, but the experience of dining alone in a country where you know no one is still a memory I won't forget.

I am going to wrap this up. I can't use up all of wisdom on one post but I will leave you with some parting advice (but don't worry, I have plenty more).

1. Make playlists. Without you realizing, songs you listen to while traveling will permanently become attached to the cities visited and provide a memory to revisit whenever you are missing the road. 

2. Always say yes (within reason). Now while I don't want you doing anything I wouldn't do, say yes. As you know, one of my greatest regrets in life is when my future husband (and bunk mate) in Australia asked me to go get drinks in the hostel bar with him and I told him I had to go to bed for my tour in the morning. Be tired. Be hungover. Just do it.

3. Speaking of the hostel bar, go there. Frequent it. Love it. 

4. Kiss European guys. 

5. Don't overthink it. At the end of this melodramatic post, I leave you with this... travel doesn't have to be #studyabroadlife #lifechanging maybe it is just a fun couple of weeks. Maybe parts will suck. It's fine. Travel isn't always romantic (though that is one of the things that makes it so romantic!!!) and that's totally fine if you aren't as psycho about it as me. But it would be really great if you were because I think we should move to New Zealand on work holiday visas in the next year or so... but more on that later. 


ps how great are these shitty photos of London I found from when I moved?! I edited them and now they're grungy in a good way.




bts x pop

So this is a bit embarrassing. A video I shot over a year ago and am just now editing. I have always heard people say they put projects away unfinished and don't revisit for years and assured myself that I could never not complete something in a timely manner. Then, it happened. Anyways, enjoy this short behind the scenes look at a photo shoot in Stockholm with a member of the Swedish Royal Ballet, supporting pop, a fashion startup. 



It was my first time taking part in a rally and what an experience it was. Thousands turned out in Manhattan to march against gun violence. I really struggle with the words to describe the experience, especially with the political climate the way it has been in this country as of late. I will just copy and paste what I wrote on a post on Instagram, as it is the only coherent thought I can produce at this moment:

I try to be diplomatic. I try to have debates with people who see things differently than I. We need to talk to each other or nothing will be accomplished. That said- this is one debate where I’m just not strong enough to see both sides. To me there is no other side. Today I saw children carrying signs they hand drew with statements no child, and especially not a child in one of the “greatest” countries in the world should ever have to write. I heard parents explaining things to their children no child should ever have to hear. So I’m sorry, I will debate health care, taxes, war, whatever. But I will never debate this.#neveragain


My first week[s] in New York

Well I have been in New York a week now. Well- okay, I'm lying, I have been in New York two weeks. But that sounds completely batshit crazy, plus my mom was here for the first four days, so I am going to go with one week...

And what a time it has been so far. It's weird moving to a place where you don't have something already setup, either work or school. Every time I have done something weird and suddenly decided to move away- whether that be when I moved to Texas for a hot second or becoming a nanny in Sweden, I always had something to do. Texas- college, Sweden- work, London- school, Boston- school... you get the picture. New York is the first move I've ever had where I can do anything, or nothing at all. It all depends on the opportunities I take and whether or not I make the most of my days. 

I can't say my New York life has been all that glamorous, even if I have posted some cool photos on Instagram. In truth, it's been full of growing pains, as I expected. On more than one occasion I questioned why I moved here. Why I didn't run away to a faraway place and teach English. Because for me, running is what I do best. I pride myself on Irish Exits, not so much in the sense that I escape from parties early without saying goodbye, because I honestly love an excuse to get drunk and say everything I usually feel too awkward to say to people, but more in the sense that I leave colleges to study abroad for a year and then transfer schools upon returning. 

So yeah, decorating an apartment and starting a "life" is a bit weird for me. But I am going to wrap this up because this post has turned into a ramble but the point is, I moved to New York, I have no idea what is going to happen, and I am learning to be okay with that. 



Congrats to these beauties who are soon to be graduating from the University of Central Florida with their BSN's in nursing. It was a pleasure to spend the day with them as we shot around the beautiful UCF campus.


Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: 50mm

Edit: Lightroom- SMAL preset 08 with edits

If you're interested in booking a graduate session, contact me at 


Miranda + Dane are MARRIED!

On December 27th, I shot my first wedding for an old friend from high school. It was a wonderful day and a great experience for my first time. As I had never shot a wedding before, I had to explore many Instagrams and photography in search of my wedding "style." The result is a bit of a blend. My first passion is documentary + lifestyle images. I like the beauty in the everyday and in capturing life as it happens. That simply means, I'm just not super keen on overly posed shoots. 

For a wedding you need to find that medium- capturing the moments of the day as they happen but also making sure to get the shots that will be framed over the fireplace. It was a challenge for me, as directing and posing does not come naturally to me. But I am really happy with the results and how everything came together. Below are some of my favorites from the day. If you are interesting in booking a session or wedding with me and would like to see the entire gallery, please contact me and I can send you the private link. 

If you are getting married and would be interested in having me shoot your wedding, let's chat! I am currently booking for 2018. Prices range from $500-$1500 depending on the kind of coverage you are looking for. We can discuss your wedding day plans and determine what package would be best for you!


Wedding location: Club Lake Plantation, Apopka, FL

Camera: Canon 6D with 35mm L lens, 50mm, and 24-105mm L

Edit: Lightroom, SMAL presets with tweaks